Somi Arian

Founder & CEO, FemPeak

Somi Arian is a tech philosopher, award-winning filmmaker, author, entrepreneur, and a LinkedIn-Top-Voice in the UK. With a background in philosophy of science and technology, Somi describes her role in society as a 'Transition Architect'. As humans merge with technology, and society enters a new phase of human evolution, Somi works on frameworks to address the challenges ahead. Somi’s documentary, “The Millennial Disruption”, has won three international awards. Her book, “Career Fear (and how to beat it)", addresses the future of work and the skills we all need to gain to survive and thrive in the age of Artificial Intelligence. As a speaker, Somi gives talks and workshops internationally on the impact of technology on society, the business landscape, the future of work, developing thought leadership, and digital transformation both in marketing and in HR. Somi is the founder of Smart Cookie Media, a modern-day Digital Marketing firm for thought leaders.
She is also the co-founder of Career Drive, an online platform that uses entertainment to teach emotional intelligence, and an investor and advisory board member of NuroKor Bioelectronics, an
exciting wearable technology startup. Somi’s latest endeavour is the Think Tank for Women in Business & Technology and accompanying platform, FemPeak.AI to help materialise the mission of the Think Tank in raising women’s socioeconomic status through technology.


In the age of innovation, it can be challenging to keep track of one's future work-life plans. "What will the jobs of the future be like?" "Will I still be relevant?" "How can I stay ahead of machines?"  With the exponential growth of technology and jobs as we knew them changing, these are questions that have probably crossed all our minds once or twice in recent years.

In this fascinating presentation, Transition Architect, Tech Philosopher, and entrepreneur, Somi Arian, brings a fresh and relevant perspective to the future of work and what it will take to lead successful and fulfilling careers in the digital age. 

Through thoughtful analysis and philosophical and practical approaches, Arian examines the impact of technology, especially AI, on humanity and businesses alike and what uniquely human skills we need to cultivate to stay ahead of the technological curve.

During a 20 minutes keynote, she will discuss "Career Fear: how to beat it".