Paul Douard

Paul Douard, Editor-in-Chief, VICE

After studying business law and commerce, Paul Douard worked in a content agency (which he hated) and then turned to journalism at VICE seven years ago with a first piece "I cultivate anti-ambition". Paul is now Editor-in-Chief of VICE Media France, since 2018. In 2019, he is publishing his first book "I cultivate anti-ambition".

During a 20 minutes fireside chat, he will discuss "How anti-ambition can save you". 

Through my experiences at work, both as an employee and a manager, I quickly realized that success depends on many factors that we cannot control. Failure and success are not always the result of our actions. And strangely enough, doing the opposite of what is asked of you can give very good results. So, why give everything when you can't control the situation? Why always work harder and always be afraid to fail? Cultivating anti-ambition means accepting that failure and success will not necessarily come from hard work.