Ilana Devillers

CEO, F4All

Born and raised between Amsterdam, Paris, and Luxembourg, I had the chance to grow in Europe as well as Study in different European countries, fostering my identity and understanding the particularities and similarities of our beloved Europe. Passionate about the world’s economic development, having studied in economics, law, entrepreneurship and Innovation, I am passionate about making this world a better place by constantly looking for new challenges in sustainability.
The future isn’t without digitalization, and my mission is to impose Green Tech as the way to lead by example for a better future. Being a young female entrepreneur in a world led by men, isn’t a challenge but a mission to erase inequalities, to inspire other women to create their own companies and finally proving that all together hand in we can make this world a livable place for all of us.

She will participate in the round table "How to manage in 2022: the essential roles of modern leaders"