Filip Westerlund


Filip Westerlund is a psychologist (MSc) and entrepreneur based in Luxembourg. He is the founder and CEO of OURCHOICE.ECO, a circular economy startup aiming to build a unique single platform uniting the full supply chain and establishing new market standards in fashion. Filip has a track record of achievements in the field of business and psychology. His first Kickstarter campaign brought in over $10,000 within a week and he has been awarded by the Ministry of Economy in Luxembourg as well as dubbed by EY and the most influential circular economy Entrepreneur and Pioneer on the continent of Europe. Filip is a frequent keynote speaker and lecturer and as a person, he is enthusiastic, eager, and passionate about the human side of business. 

There are three types of people in the world, there are talkers, there are watchers and there are doers.

So.. How can we turn talkers and watchers into doers? 

Filip's intervention is about meaningful leadership, and we will learn just that: what being meaningful is and how it can be applied to convert passiveness into action. Filip started his organization during covid and has achieved great results with a very limited budget and a fully virtual team across countries and continents. His intervention invites us to into the world of a passionate entrepreneur and growing business while mapping out what "being meaningful" really is. The intervention focuses on how leadership can be shaped by meaning to drive results and build motivated teams powered primarily by passion rather than money.

During a 20 minutes intervention, he will discuss "Being Meaningful as a Leader".