Cristina Maldonado

International consultant for Organizational Change Management

Cristina Maldonado Cortes has a degree in Marketing Management & Communication from IADE in Lisbon, a specialization in Organizational Behavior and a Masters degree in Business and Executive Coaching from the More Institute-European Coaching Association. Cristina has been a qualified Master Trainer in the areas of Organizational Development, Leadership and Personal Development for 20 years and is a certified International Master Facilitator for the Development Programs by the Pacific Institute (USA) and a Certified International Consultant on Leadership Impact Surveys and Organizational Culture by Human Synergistics (USA).

Cristina's work and social responsibility is mainly focused on preparing young people for the future, promoting Diversity and Inclusion, Women Empowerment for Leadership and gender equity within organizations. As an International consultant, she was based in Mozambique for 9 years and worked in several countries, including Angola, South Africa, Swaziland and other countries, experiencing different realities (Africa vs Europe) and learning real stories of real people.

Her life motto is "generating the Butterfly Effect", (it) means - touching and transforming peoples and organizations lives with her work and interventions. She also contributes to the spreading of these matters by being a TV and Radio host and resident commentator, an international speaker for relevant events, such as the TEDx Talks, International Southern Africa Startup Awards (SASA), MYWIL (Mozambique Young Women In Leadership) and a mentor for youth and young women, preparing them for their role as the future leaders in the organizational world and in society. She is a founding member of Sprowt Foundation (an international foundation based in Mozambique for Diversity and Inclusion, Women Empowerment and Education) and Vida Associação (an Association based in Mozambique for Entrepreneurship, Women Empowerment and Youth Education).

She will discuss "Is old leadership dead".