Patrick Rütten

Senior Behavioral Scientist, CoachHub

In 2015, Patrick Rütten obtained the title Master of Science in Work and Organizational Psychology at the University of Maastricht. After that, he started to work in one of the most well-known engineering companies in Europe: Daimler AG, the owner and producer of the car brand Mercedes-Benz. Here, Patrick was responsible, amongst other duties, for consulting on training projects and the production of training concepts and products according to proven didactic and instructional design methodology. As a Senior Behavioral Scientist, since 2021 at CoachHub, Patrick has returned to his roots as an Organizational Psychologist. He is an expert in organizational psychological insights with a focus on the Benelux markets.

During a 15 minutes keynote, he will discuss "Coaching in the Era of Hybrid Work"

With the rise of hybrid working, enterprises need to redefine their learning and development programs to sync with today's reality. How has hybrid working changed the perception of employees towards learning and development? And how do you meet their new expectations and needs? As Senior Behavioral Scientist at CoachHub, Patrick Rütten is sharing his insights from the CoachHub Coaching Lab.