William Lebedel

Founder of BlueRep

Since 2000, William has supported executives who seek to re-establish the meaningfulness of their strategy, to bring their organisation in line with their vision and pupose and to get their people on board. He applies methods taken from the best practices of management, coaching and communication to rally teams behind the creation of value for the company, employees and society at large. In recent years, he has supported projects and teams in various industries in France, Luxembourg and Switzerland.
Before becoming a consultant, William worked for several years at the Association for the Monetary Union of Europe, a European think tank in charge of preparing the switch to the euro. He was also the representative of the Reputation Institute in France and gave courses on reputation at the CELSA school of corporate communication (Sorbonne).
In addition to his professional activities, William is the Chairman of Friendship France, an NGO working with Bangladesh’s most remote and vulnerable communities to deploy innovative solutions for health, education, micro-finance, climate change adaptation and cultural preservation.