Laurent Chapelle

CEO at RH Expert

Manager and owner of companies: RH Expert Groupe & Luxembourg, RH Expert France (60 employees), specialist in all HR issues and problems, moderator, HR facilitator and speaker, trainer, teacher, recruiter, HR consultant, occupational health and safety Expert and for pleasure: FFR official referee and Director of Arbitrations League Grand Est Rugby.

He leads once a month the HR breakfasts in Luxembourg: HR Meet and Learn (50 to 100 companies present on a monthly basis), radio host weekly program “The labour market” every Thursday at 13:45 on l’Essentiel Radio, weekly coach of many international executives (Luxembourg, France and United Kingdom)

HR Consulting: For the employers: transfer, merger, acquisition, creation, redundancy plan, governance and strategy advice to company managers and human resources managers, HR engineering and HR taxation Expert, national and European HR regulatory Expert (Circular guidelines (Bâle, Miifid 2, UCITS IV, V, VI on HR component), HR laws and case law), specialist on the history of HR law in Luxembourg and Europe.

Recruitment: specialist in executive search, Top management and Top HR.

Formations: Trainer in top management and midle management, director and professor at the HR Academy in HR degree, Master HR (1,2), company training on HR, management commercial, digital, eLearning…

Occupational health and safety: Expert on Luxembourg and European regulations