Arik Suissa

Senior Manager Operational Excellence and Telematics Lead at Leaseplan

Arik is a graduate from the University of Amsterdam. After completing his master’s degree in International Finance, he joined Accenture to be part of its strategy practice. In 2008 Arik joined the multinational car leasing company LeasePlan, to work for its headquarters in the Netherlands. Since joining this firm, he has had many roles in this company. For example, his tenure at LeasePlan includes 4 years working for LeasePlan the Netherlands, one of LeasePlan’s biggest subsidiaries, being responsible for its strategy and all change activities. From December 2015, Arik started leading the Telematics activities of LeasePlan. On behalf of the group, he was responsible for the definition of the group Telematics strategy, the implementation of this strategy and the continuous refinement. LeasePlan has a clear vision on the future of using car data. As the world’s leader in car leasing solutions, LeasePlan has high expectations of using car data to be able to create value added services for its clients, drivers and suppliers.