Luxembourg HR Awards

This year, 8 awards will be presented : 

- A jury for each category of award
- 3 candidates will be selected to pitch their strategy in 3.33 minutes next November 26th.

The awards of the 2020 edition are :

People Experience Award
Rewards the overall strategy or philosophy dedicated to improving the employee experience during all stages of the employee-employer relationship cycle, positively influencing talent attraction and retention, personal well-being and achievement, and even customer satisfaction.

Onboarding Excellence Award
Rewards the HR philosophy related to the successful integration and socialization of new employees, as well as the projects or tactical processes put in place to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge and corporate culture by newcomers.

Employer Brand of the Year Award
Rewards excellence in an HR communication strategy for employer brand development, culture, reputation and value proposition for candidates, employees and alumni.

Talent & competence Management Award
Rewards the HR department's holistic approach to talent management: detection, assessment and development, as well as mastering talent and essential skills planning to create value for the company in the future.

HR Manager of the Year Award
Rewards a human capital leader in the broad sense for his/her strategy and projects, alignment with the different departments and the results obtained. As a privileged partner of the CEO and the company's various leaders, his/her contribution to collective performance, innovation and employee wellbeing also influences the company's image.

CSR Initiative of the Year Award
Recognize a CSR initiative (humans' rights, health, safety, well-being, diversity, gender balance, recruitment, onboarding, incomes, training & mobility, employability) offering an added value to both the company and the society generally speaking. 

HR Digital Transformation
Rewards an HR strategy for its excellence in transforming traditional business processes towards a more data-driven approach and management, as well as in supporting teams in this transformation.


Extraordinary HR Support
This award promotes an extraordinary HR initiative, implemented during the COVID-19 public health crisis, that supported the company/ its employees and that contributed to the organisation's agility and resilience.


How to apply for Luxembourg HR Awards 2020? 
Individuals and/or company's team/departements can send a request to apply through the online platform here.
- Receive your login details by email after the validation of your candidate profile by the HR One team.
- Complete your application(s) before October 15th, 2020 at 11:59 pm.

The company or person must be based in Luxembourg.

Jury panels composed of HR experts and sponsor will evaluate and review all the applications, and select the 3 best projects of each category. The 3 finalists of each category will pitch their project(s)/peronnality(ies) during the Human Capital Europe - private sessions:
- 3,33 minutes pitch
- 2 minutes of Q&A with the jury

Prizes are reserved for HR Teams. 

Conflicts of interest will not be accepted, meaning that jury members may vote online for each award, except if they are a part of the applying team or company.

Jury members will be mentioned on the website after the event to avoid interference and guarantee transparency of the process.