Based on professionnal experience and on solid studies in NeuroCognitive and Behavioral Science, Patrick Goffart (ex-CFO and CEO) and Thierry Verdoodt (Doctor in Medecine) created NeuroLead, a new kind of Consulting Partner for organizations. All results we reach are ultimately the product of our behaviors, which are driven by our human minds.

NeuroLead leverage the most recent findings in neurosciences and behavioral sciences to help managers-leaders better understand, appreciate and drive human minds, hearts and behaviors in their teams and organizations.

We use a specific mix of science + experience + conscience to drive change, reduce stressability, fine-tune their organization's rules to fit the human minds, improve motivation, foster good communication, monitor optimal interactions within their teams and adopt the best personal attitude, to help leaders manage people. Cool, motivating, adaptive and aligned with the needs of the 21st century leader, we call this "brain-friendly" management "The Positive Leadership".

We are working in 4 languages (NL-FR-ENG-SPAIN).

We are present in Luxembourg in more than 40 compagnies and organisations.