Lucca is a Human Resources Information Systems company (HRIS) developing 5 SaaS solutions aimed at simplifying HR processes:

  • - Figgo for leave & absences
  • - Cleemy for expense reports
  • - Poplee for HR management (Core HR, Compensation, Goals & Reviews)
  • - Pagga for online payslips distribution
  • - Timmi for time tracking & financial monitoring of projects


Lucca’s expertise and growth comes from our belief that an effective software is a simple one, and it’s simple when it meets a specific need. We design different solutions, each dedicated to a precise goal, so that companies can build their own HRIS based on their needs.


We aim towards placing the users of our software at the heart of what we do by building a truly user-friendly solution. And by user, we mean not only the HR team or CFO, but also the employees and their managers, the ones who will actually use the application on day to day basis. 


With a SaaS solution, customers benefit from all the new features Lucca develops at no additional cost and only pay for what they use. A SaaS solution also means that customers do not need to worry about servers, downtime, backups and version upgrades, as all of this is managed by Lucca for them.


Today, Lucca has over 160 employees, is used in over 50 countries by more than 2,500 clients representing over 400,000 end-users worldwide.