House of Training

Established in 2015 by the Chamber of Commerce and the Luxembourg Banker’s Association (ABBL), the House of Training's principal mission is to offer a wide range of continuing vocational training programmes especially designed to meet the needs of the Luxembourgish economy.

With 20,000 people trained every year, its offer aims, on the one hand, to support business leaders in their process of creation, take over as well as management of companies by offering them training programmes focused on their specific needs. On the other hand, the House of Training also supports the employees of these companies, who wish to develop their knowledge and skills as well as evolve at a professional level. To ensure that the training programmes offered reflect the needs of the marketplace as closely as possible, the House of Training moreover focuses on a pragmatic approach where "professionals train other professionals". Most of its trainers are thus entrepreneurs, technical experts, or representatives of our partners (professional associations, federations, public institutions, academic institutes).

Our offer now includes more than 1200 courses (including 321 new ones) covering 21 training areas. In the Human Resources area, the House of Training offers 54 training programmes split into 3 professional profiles, 13 skills blocks and 3 certified paths.