A software house based in Brescia and offices in Luxembourg, present in the USA and Europe through qualified partners. App development, software solutions and B2B / B2C projects have been the core business since 2000, through which Gulliver aims to share its digital strategy.


Thanks to Gulliver's solutions, many companies organize and streamline the daily operations of their customers and collaborators, including transporters, maintenance technicians, installers and sales force, in an easy and fast way. Large multinationals have certified Gulliver as an official partner and recognize his professionalism, entrusting the management of their business processes to our Custom products and solutions.


With its proven ready-to-use solutions, it has always paid particular attention to the world of logistics and transport and HR management. At the same time, thanks to its commitment to R&D, its MDC-X and G-OAL technology platforms and support for startups, Gulliver is able to offer new, native solutions that can be easily integrated into complex ecosystems (Artificial Intelligence, IOT devices, Blockchain).


Specialized teams are available to the customer with consulting approaches and Agile methodology. Passion for challenges, love for technology and the Gulliver Academy have allowed constant growth and innovation.