Interview with Thomas Møller Lybæk, HR Process Innovation Director at LEGO Group

Thomas Møller Lybæk, HR Process Innovation Director at LEGO, tells us more about his company’s mission and ambitions. The expert will participate to this year’s digital edition of Human Capital Europe and will virtually take the stage on November 26th at 3:00pm, with a presentation entitled “Be a Duck – the LEGO HR Modernization Journey”. 

When did the HR digital transformation start at LEGO? Why?
The HR Modernization journey took its onset in 2018 when a new CPO (Chief People Officer) Loren I Shuster transferred from heading from the Chief Commercial Officer role. The LEGO Group had for a number of years diverted most investment into product innovation, development and strategic partnership which in turn led to HR platforms, data, processes and policies not being kept up to date. At the same time an ambitious target was set for the LEGO Group to become among the preferred employers worldwide and keep attracting and retaining talents. That sparked the Modernization Journey which encompasses platforms, processes and people as well as a number of initiatives / new policies on the Compensation & Rewards as well as on the Talent side.

What have been the main steps of this transformation?
First, was putting the need on the agenda, securing executive and HR buy-in, support and funding for the journey. Then gradual steps have been taken with process governance and headcount control supported by roll-out of Visier as reporting & analytics platform and lately the initiation of transfer of fundamental platform from SAP to Workday aimed at go-live mid/end of 2021 for alle key HR processes. Alongside these developments key initiatives within Leadership Development and Rewards have been launched as well.

Can you share with us some of the best practices to enable digital within the HR department?
In all fairness, we are not a best practice example. But in a few steps: 1) Our CPO had a compelling case and argued for resources and funding. 2) A number of skilled and experienced people we’re hired in and onboarded to drive the program. 3) Direction setting and ambitions were clearly stated and communicated. 4) A collaborative and inclusive approach based on facts and subsequent decision-making has been applied since early days. This boils down to progress; at times taking slightly longer and being more cumbersome but grounded and achieved. The lesson from COVID-19 is a maturing in thinking, decision-making and agility throughout the HR team.


What are the next steps?
HR at the LEGO Group is still in the midst of the current strategy period covering 2018-2021 with a number of initiatives to be delivered in 2021 while at the same time also having to craft the direction for the coming period. This means fewer new initiatives embarked on during 2020 and 2021 while focusing on the Workday platform and process roll-out. Next steps is to ensure that the platform, revised processes and ways of working is adopted and that we utilize the platform to the widest possible extent.

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