Michelle Mills Porter

By Michelle Mills-Porter.


The current heath crisis has had a huge impact on employee motivation. Whilst a small monitory may be empowered by social restrictions or working from home, the larger percentage have been tackling a range of issues.

There are some who feel isolated and crave social interaction. We see people who have been furloughed (or offered partial employment or par time employment) feeling that they are less important and less valued than those who have continued to work. And those who have continued to work feeling that they have held the fort whilst others have an extended holiday.

Are we are faced with considering our own mortality, we see people recalibrating as they realise what is important to them now. Some people are realising the motivations that have previously been hidden beneath their daily routine.

In order to rebuild motivation, we need our teams to accept each other’s differences and learn how to collaborate effectively. We don’t all have to share values, and to try and force others to change their values to match our own is an impossible mission;

Our values are made from our beliefs and are formed in our formative years. Rarely do they change dramatically and only those with little substance can change them on a whim.

Understanding that we may never know why one has a core value which is different to ours, but that they do, is inclusion. If we are to advocate diversity in the workplace then it starts here at the very core of a human being not just the outer layer of their skin or their gender.

Core Values are the absolute key to understanding individual motivation.



Some people perceive resilience to be the same as resistance. This is our downfall.

Resilience is about flexibility. It is our FLEXIBILITY that allows us to bow with the wind of the storm… to bend and then to straighten once more.

When companies are rigid, they lack resilience. Therefore, to become resilient we need to understand how to be more flexible. We need to be flexible with our products and services. Diversify in our delivery. We need to be flexible with our people and understand their personal needs for fulfilment.

If you empower your people on an individual level, if you ensure your teams are balanced and complimentary in their skills then you will increase commitment, loyalty, productivity and retention.  If you allow flexibility across different layers of the organisation, then resilience will be naturally achieved.

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