What did you decide regarding the event and the possibility not to be able to receive participants’ in-person given the sanitary crisis?

Each experience a visitor can live during Human Capital Europe has been transposed virtually. Therefore, whether a participant is based in Europe, in the United States, in Africa or in Asia, he/she will be able to:

- follow the conference thanks to a livestreaming
- share views and discover the latest news of the sector on virtual booths
- join a networking web app to meet with professionals of the HR sector
- attend online workshops according to our partners’ suggestions.

All a participant has to do is to register for the event and all the necessary information and links will be sent to them in the practical information’s email.

What does "phygital” mean?

To lead the conference safely, we only accept to welcome speakers, sponsors and participants who paid their tickets to enter the event next November 26th. If the health situation gets better, we will accept to receive more visitors but always in respect with current barrier gestures.

What do you plan for exhibitors? Can we have a booth during the event?

Your safety is our number one priority but help your business too so we decided to find the best solution for your company to participate in the event while remaining at home if possible.

This year, sponsors will have the opportunity to book their booth for a virtual exhibition. Pricing has been adapted and the integrated solution will give the possibility to share insightful documents and discuss live with your audience thanks to a live chat and exceptional features.

How works the networking web app and how to find it?

We have created a solution which enables digital networking between individuals having access to the internet and using their webcam and microphone from their laptop or mobile phone. The objective:
·         Connect professionals
·         Generate new leads
·         Meet with individuals you would not have thought to discuss with during the event thanks to a random selection
The tool will be in English to allow the use of a maximum of persons. It will ask you to enter your contact details and you will then be connected randomly with other professionals. You will be able to decide if you wish to exchange your contact details with these persons or not.

The tool will be hosted on a specific link that all registrants will receive in its practical information’s email.

What are the sanitary precautions taken on-site for the speakers, sponsors and VIP's
The organizer will be providing health and safety equipment (hand sanitizers, masks). The current barrier gestures will be respected.

What is included in the standard ticket? (digital experience)

You will attend remotely the conference, access the virtual exhibition as well as participate in the randomized networking opportunities. All the necessary information and links will be sent to you in your email of practical information a few days prior to the event.

What is included in the VIP ticket? (phygital experience)

By purchasing a VIP ticket, you can physically attend the conference, access the virtual exhibition as well as participate in the randomized networking opportunities. You also have the possibility to meet in 1-to-1 with the outstanding speakers confirmed this year. All the necessary information and links will be sent to you in your email of practical information a few days prior to the event.

What is included in the livestreaming access code ? (digital experience)

If you register free to receive this access code, you will not be able to join the event in-person or to meet directly with the speakers. However, you will be able watch the conference of the event.

Can I receieve a remboursement of my ticket?
If the event location does not allow us to welcome our visitors and that the Luxembourg Government decides for health reasons not to let people enter, then yes, all the tickets will be reimbursed upon request.

How can I register?
Please find a registration form here

In which language will the event be held?
Conferences can be both in english or french. 

Where will the event be held?
Human Capital Europe will be held at the Van der Valk Hôtel Luxembourg- Arlon. Please find the exact location here.

Is there any parking nearby?
Yes, there is the hotel parking. 

What is the main topics that will be addressed during the conferences?
Human Resources, Agility, future of work, employee's motivation, managerial strategies.

How can I access the event location?

Please find all the public transport information here

Is there Wi-Fi access on site?
Yes, the connection information will be displayed on the venue’s walls during the event

What are the opening times of the event?
November 26th from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm

Will side events be organized during Human Capital Europe
Yes, a side event is scheduled during Human Capital Europe : Luxembourg HR Awards. (More information here)

I am a member of the press, can I get free access to the event?
Please ask for your accreditation to get free access to Human Capital Europe by sending an email to team@humancapitaleurope.com

What is Human Capital Europe?
The Human Capital Europe is an international peopleoriented conference addressing the relashionship between human-beings and their company, colleagues and environment.
It gives the participants the opportunity to connect with key players, rethink the workplace, go in depth with current HR topics to lead humans to the next level in a more responsible world. It is the perfect place to network with peers and future business partners.

Who are this year’s speakers?
You can find all our confirmed speakers here

Who can I contact If I have a question?
For any further information, please contact team@humancapitaleurope.com 

Where can I enter the promotion/discount code to benefit from a free/discounted ticket?
On our registration site enter the code by clicking on “Add Promotion code” and then on “apply” after entering it.

I did not get my ticket/confirmation e-mail. What can I do?
The event tickets/confirmation e-mail is send through our ticket platform Eventbrite. In order to get our e-mails, add us to your contact list. Check your spam folder, your tickets might be in there.